Add blogger Rachelle Goguen to the growing list of Will Eisner fans who have “concerns” about the direction of the “Spirit” movie. Of course, every comics-to-film translation I can remember has gone through this, but it makes for interesting conversation and debate:

So I, like many comic fans, have some…concerns…about the upcoming film based on The Spirit, being made by Frank Miller. Basically: I think it is going to suck. Every time I see or hear anything about it, I get cranky. But this quote, from a Newsarama article, is the most bothersome thing I’ve read yet: Miller later directs a scene from near the film’s finale in which the Spirit delivers a powerful right cross to the chin of The Octopus, played by Samuel L. Jackson. “From the start, I wanted Sam Jackson to play The Octopus because I’ve always wanted to work with Sam Jackson,” Miller says. “It seems to me he’s always had a part like this inside waiting to get out.” The villain, who famously never showed his face in Eisner’s comics, will be slightly less mysterious in the film. “I knew I couldn’t get away with two hours of a guy whose face you never see,” Miller said. WHAT?! The Octopus has existed as a character for almost seven decades. In all that time his face has never been revealed. Now Frank Miller gets to decide what he looks like? And it’s Samuel L Jackson?!

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