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22 December 2008

By Stephen Applebaum

A SMOKESCREEN appears to have been swirling around Frank Miller‘s movie of Will Eisner‘s seminal comic strip, The Spirit.

Two weeks before I was due to meet Miller to discuss his first solo directing project, a publicist informed me that work was still being done on the special effects and therefore I might only be able to see selected footage ahead of the interview. I wasn’t worried: The Spirit was scheduled to open in America three weeks after the London junket. Of course it would be ready in time.

Come the day of the interview, however, selected footage was still all that was on offer – at least to us press folk. Samuel L Jackson, who plays the Spirit’s arch nemesis, The Octopus, told journalists he had seen the film. This did not necessarily mean that some last-minute tweaking was not taking place. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be surprising if the film’s distributor was experiencing pre-release jitters brought on by months of negative blogging by comic-book fans.

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