By Geoff Boucher

11:05 AM PT, Jul 20 2008

I’m going to moderate the panel on “The Spirit” film down at the International Comic-Con Friday (July 25), and I’d like to open up the Hero Complex comments board to any fans who want to post some suggested questions.

There’s a lot of excitement about the panel and I know firsthand that there are some surprises planned by Frank Miller, who makes his solo directorial debut with the film, and his close partner in the project, producer Deborah Del Prete.

The hour-long panel begins at 2:45 p.m. at Hall H. In addition to Miller and Del Prete, attendees at this point include cast members Samuel L. Jackson (who portrays the Octopus), Gabriel Macht (Denny Colt/the Spirit) and Jaime King (Lorelei Rox).

(No, Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes are NOT part of the panel, due to scheduling issues. It’s just as well, really, I would have a hard time putting coherent sentences together if those two and King were all sitting next to me.)

I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and visited with Miller and Del Prete and sat in while they worked on the visual effects post-production process, and the movie, much like urban fever-dream of “Sin City,” has a striking, hyper-reality to it. That’s going to make a lot of fans of “Sin City” (which Miller co-directed, of course, adapting his own comics work) happy, but he already knows that fans who adored the late Will Eisner and his grand, often sentimental work on “The Spirit” are already sharpening their knives. “I’m prepared,” Miller told me, “and I’m making the right movie, I know that.”