“Most of the people eagerly awaiting the Frank Miller-ized movie of Will Eisner‘s amazing comic The Spirit have never actually read the original comic. So they probably don’t have a sense for the difference between the comic and Miller’s campy Sin City-esque vision for the film version. So as a public service, we’re presenting the best 12 splash pages featuring Will Eisner’s masked hero, to show once and for all why Miller can’t hope to bring their genius to life.

“From the visuals we’ve seen so far, Miller’s distinctive vision seems to have scrapped the rapidly switching genre for his own usual film noir feel, as you can see in the poster at left. The high profile of the Spirit’s female paramours also marks a shift from the original comic. There’s also a major emphasis on a villain who’s never directly represented in the comics, Samuel L. Jackson’s The Octopus. Yet there was considerable brilliance in the original strip’s directors of photography. Pioneer Will Eisner and his legendary group of collaborators pushed the form forwards in stunning artwork that deserves to be seen by all.”
— By Alex Carnevale, writing at io9.com, “12 Splash Will Convince You Frank Miller Shouldn’t Adapt The Spirit.” Click HERE to Keep Reading!

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