By Thomas Haller Buchanan

In 1951, as Eisner was leaving the Spirit behind him, he created Connie Rodd, a sex kitten serious about Army equipment. It was her job to keep soldiers on the beam for maintenance of army issue. She (and Eisner) stayed with it throughout the Vietnam War, in a publication called P*S, delivered primarily to motor pool GIs. I picked up a number of the magazines when I was in the army, and the art was very effective in teaching such dry subjects.

Eisner did some of the artwork, but it was mostly produced by a staff of eight artists and writers, including 3 technical illustrators. Some of the artists over the years were Klaus Nordling, Dan Zolnerowich (of Sheena fame), Mike Ploog, Chuck Kramer, and Murphy Anderson. Anderson took over direction of the magazine after Eisner left in 1972.

Somewhere in my stuff I have a really nice cover that Eisner executed solo for an M-16 rifle manual. I actually used that publication when I learned to clean and assemble my weapon. When I find that cover, I’ll post it.

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