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The Eisner Awards judges have selected legendary artists Burne Hogarth and Bob Montana for automatic induction this summer into the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame.

Hogarth, who passed away in 1996, was an illustrator best known for his work on the Tarzan newspaper strip, an art educator and the author of influential anatomy and drawing books. Montana, who died in 1975, was the co-creator of Archie who drew the Riverdale gang for three decades.

The judges also chose 13 nominees from which voters may select four to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for 2010:

• Carl Burgos — the late Golden Age-era artist and co-creator of the original Human Torch

• Steve Gerber — the late writer and co-creator of Howard the Duck and Omega the Unknown

• Dick Giordano — the artist and longtime DC Comics editor

• Michael Kaluta — the artist best known for his work on Starstruck and The Shadow• Jack Kamen — the late illustrator and prolific EC Comics artist

• Frans Masereel — the late painter, woodcut artist and creator of Mon Livre d’Heures

• George McManus — the late cartoonist and creator of Bringing Up Father

• Sheldon Moldoff — one of Bob Kane’s primary “ghost artists,” and co-creator of Hawkgirl and Poison Ivy

• Marty Nodell — the late artist and co-creator of the Golden Age Green Lantern • Bob Oksner — the late artist known for his work on humor, adventure and superhero comics

• Bob Powell — the late artist known for his work on Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, and Blackhawk

• Yoshihiro Tatsumi — the creator of Abandon the Old in Tokyo, A Drifting Life and The Push Man and other stories

• Mort Weisinger — the late and longtime DC Comics editor and co-creator of Aquaman, Green Arrow and Johnny Quick Online voting is open now through March 31.

The inductees will be announced during the Eisner Awards ceremony held July 23 during Comic-Con.
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