This third posting to our ongoing, year-long, blogged salute to the U.S. Army’s “PS Magazine” during its Sixtieth Anniversary Year identifies the eight  art contractors that “PS” has had over its 60 tears of existence, providing creative art, design, and pre-press services.

Representative art from each period is posted here, except for one contractor who defaulted after only four issues.

The centerspread art attached here was a part of Will Eisner’s Continuity for “PS” 80 (June 1958). The “Paul Revere” piece was a feature panel in Joe Kubert’s Continuity for “PS” 643 (June 2006).


     ¶  “PS” No. 700 (March 2011) SGT ROCK and EASY CO.  Meet MSGT HALF-MAST

     ¶  Connie, with Pogo, Owl, Dick Tracy, Maggie, Jiggs, and Many More

     ¶  The One Piece of Art that Delivers the Essence of “PS:

     ¶  Artists Mentioned in Connection with “PS”

     ¶  Murphy Anderson’s Best “PS” Front Covers

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