FROM: Joe Kubert and Paul E. Fitzgerald

BlogPost 11 – Best PS Front Covers by the Backes Group

The eleventh BlogPost in our ongoing, year-long salute to the U.S. Army’s famous PS Magazine during its Sixtieth Anniversary Year presents four Front Covers selected as the best produced in the nearly 12 years that Backes Graphic Productions held the contract for producing PS creative art, design, and pre-press production services.

The Backes Group, in Princeton, New Jersey, produced 150 issues of PS Magazine, from PS 429 (August 1988) through PS 578 (January 2001). Their contract-run, at this point in time, is second only to Will Eisner’s 21 years and 227 issues. Joe Kubert, the current PS artist, is closing the gap, though, having passed the ten-year mark earlier this year with PS 698 in January.

The New Millennium staff at PS made the picks.

¶ The Magic of Eisenshpritz in PS
¶ Early Covers Put Eisner, PS in Hot Water
¶ The Best of Zeke Zekely in PS
¶ A Covey of Connie Covers
¶ Perspective Instructional Communications’ Best in PS