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by mathan erhardt 

September 14, 2011

Here we are one week into the new DCU. I picked up every #1 issue and for the most part I enjoyed them. It was very refreshing to be in on the ground floor of something this huge.
And since I picked up every debut last week, I figured I’d share my thoughts on all of them individually. In this here column.

(I’ve listed them in order, from what I loved to what I didn’t like.)

Action Comics – What was there not to love about this book? I loved the new status quo. I liked the nod to Clark working at the Daily Star as well as his relationships with Lois and Jimmy.

Seeing Clark in action was cool as well, both in terms of his attitude and him being a relative novice. And I enjoyed the appearance by Lex and his air of superiority and fear mongering.
I also liked the subtle things in the book. Like the nod on the cover to the year Superman made his debut. I also liked the nod to Will Eisner and allusion to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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