Paul Fitzgerald, PS Magazine

Paul Fitzgerald, PS Magazine

FITZ: The video clip presented and discussed in this BlogPost 34 in our year-long salute to the first 60 years of PS Magazine, the U.S. Army’s internationally acclaimed sequential art pioneer, includes the standing ovation accorded  my presentation (see below) at the Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration last June 27 at Redstone Arsenal. As the first Managing Editor of PS Magazine, I had been invited to discuss the shaky uncertainties in the magazine’s early days. I think my audience was surprised by the perils and challenges that carried through those beginning years, and I was delighted with both their good natured acceptance of my narrative and the solid demonstration from every level that support and enthusiasm for “That Little Book” is close to universal today.

JOE: It was a thrill for me to be present at the warm reception given to Fitz. Having been involved in the publishing business for most of my life, I really appreciated the wide swath and accomplishments of this man, who made it over some very, very rough roads and accomplished so much.



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Will Eisner and PS Magazine, by Paul Fitzgerald

Will Eisner and PS Magazine, by Paul Fitzgerald

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