by Robert Raczka

Will Eisner's "The Spirit"


continues through May 27.

945 Liberty Ave.
412-232-0199 or

Will Eisner’s gifts were legion: He was a talented and fearlessly inventive draftsman; he had a strong sense of narrative without being hobbled by convention; and his insight was built on observation and leavened with wisdom, yielding a nuanced psychology that particularly appealed to adults.

Eisner focused on one place — the New York City that he loved and which provided him with endless inspiration in the form of colorful characters, dramatic settings of street and stoop and rooftop, and off-the-avenue details so evocative that you can practically smell the urine. Recognized as a great comic artist, Eisner was simply a first-rate artist, tempering often-delightful entertainment with empathy for the daily struggles of all, particularly the dispossessed.

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