Cover of "The Spirit"Cover of The SpiritBy Topher r. Scotton
October 13, 2010
If you get bored observing your contemporaries in this dance, there are plenty of things to take up your time: panels, signings and other events for our ADD Generation. For example this year, a speed dating event was held. At three minute intervals, con goers get the opportunity to talk to the opposite sex while praying to their respective deities for a spark. If speed dating isn’t your style, you can sit in on panels. Make sure to carry a recorder or notepad or you’ll miss gems like, “That was a piece of shit movie.” Darwyn Cooke’s exact thoughts on the Frank Miller movie adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit.

Cooke, unapologetic in his response, went on to ream Miller a new asshole. Just like everyone else, Cooke holds Will Eisner’s The Spirit in the highest of regard, noting its ability to straddle genres and draw in readers. He felt the property wasn’t handled  respectfully and that the “shit movie” not only cheated him but also cheated the viewers.

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